Recreational Marijuana and You

A guide to the new laws governing use of Marijuana in the State of Michigan

Michigan Passes Recreational Marijuana

10 years after passing resoundingly for medicinal purposes the people of the state of Michigan showed up at the polls once more and overwhelmingly voted in favor of recreational marijuana but even though it's passed and is now law, what does that mean for you and I? IT'S LEGAL, I'm going to the dispensary! Not so fast my friend, just because it's legal to possess, doesn't mean this slowly churning bureaucracy will let just anybody saunter into a provisioning center and grab a bag. No, no, no. Now we must wait for our newly elected legislature to be sworn in, and to debate what laws and regulations to put in place as it pertains to having any citizen over the age of 21 go to the dispensary.

Even though that makes little sense, the state is going to takes its' time to make sure that they're able to collect every cent possible in tax dollars. I can see that side smirk you have going on, you sly dog you, you think you're going to be able to grow in your own home and not have to worry about going to the dispensary. Technically, as the law is written today, and was passed by the people, you can grow 12 plants in your home without a care in the world. There is a lot of speculation that the state will not let that happen, they will say they are trying to prevent a black market for marijuana but we really know that just means that they want to make sure that they're stealing err collecting all the tax dollars they can as they profiteer off of the will of the people. So, grow it while you can!

Michigan Capital Building

There are many people who were caregivers under the old MMMP law, and it should be noted that this program also is going to be done away with. Tax and regulate, red tape, whatever you want to call it the state is removing that as a means to obtain medicine. It could be argued that this is for the better, all of the flower, wax, carts, edibles, and otherwise in your local dispensary by law must be tested by an accredited facility. Knowing what's in your smoke, and snack is something that is inherently important.

Personal possession is something that is probably still somehow going to be used against you on the road, as the legal limit to carry on your person is 2.5 ounces. You may have up to one pound at home, as long as it's locked away. Still, this also is something that is being scrutinized by lawmakers and could be altered, so be sure to check back to make sure that you're still abiding by the law. Remember, it wasn't okay to smoke and drive before and it's still not now. Faulty science or not, certain you're not impaired or not, the state (and not just Michigan) are coming up with all different ways of discerning whether or not you're stoned behind the wheel. Don't give a "drug recognition expert", or new age oral swab test a reason to think you're stoned smoke at home and relax. It's what you've always wanted to be able to do legally, and now you can.